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Ultimate Guide to Whitehat Link Building for 2023

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When it comes to internet , it is about getting more traffic and the traffic that brings sales to your business. Just getting high volume of traffic is not good enough to bring sales on your website. There comes SEO which is most handful way to increase traffic on your website. SEO includes On page seo and off page seo . In this article , i will breakdown the ways to do off page seo and techniques of whitehat link building on your website and how to increase your website authority to boost your ranking on Google , bing  and other search engines.

How to do off page seo to rank higher ?

There are some ways to do off page seo to boost rankings of your website. Some methods are easy to do and others are quite difficult. In general , creating links for your website in a difficult task to do.

Before start creating links for your website , you should analyze the niche of your website. A website selling baby toys getting links from a finance blog or motivation website does not make sense and search engines such as Google , Bing would not like it at all.

In this article , i would teach you ways to whitehat link building and techniques to create high quality backlinks.

Now , I will explain the strategies to create high quality strong Backlinks which would give your website more authority and ultimately higher rankings.

  1. Guest Blogging / Sponsored Posts


This is still the most stronger and effective whitehat link building strategy. Getting links from high traffic websites with good Domain Authority will definitely gonna boost your website traffic.

Keep these points in mind while you are planning to do Off Page SEO by Guest Posting.

  • Relevancy

The most important thing is to get links from the relevant websites. When you get links from relevant websites , search engines takes this as a strong metric for rankings and give your website more traffic.

  • Traffic

The website traffic should not be lower than 10,000 organic visitors per month ( Its does not mean you should not get links from more high traffic websites) . The organic search traffic metric data provided by any SEO software you are using including MOZ , Semrush , ahrefs .

  • Link Type ( Do Follow / No Follow )

The most discussed thing about off page seo is the type of link .

Do follow backlink means the link which would be followed by Google Search bot when it finds a link on any website. In this way , the website whose link was placed on the website would indexed , crawled more repeatedly which gives signal to search engine of a good reputation website . Try to get more do follow links as they gives more seo juice as compare to no follow links .

No follow backlinks are of very less importance in Off page seo . They labeled as no follow which means search engines would not follow that link and they won’t add that much seo value. However , some SEO experts still believes that no follow links still provide a little seo value.

( Note : Always follow google guidelines about Paid Links , all paid links should have rel=”sponsored” Tag )

  1. Creation of Profiles on Popular Platforms

Creating profiles on internet is not a big deal , you can get good authority by creating your brand / company profile on the platforms that are most likely to be relevant to you. Although , most of the these platforms are of general nature . So, You can easily join these platforms. You can create profile on Crunchbase , Owler and others ,

Always fill up all information in your profile, Your Company Name , URL , social media profiles . Google will recognize your company as authoritative if you make your profiles detailed ones.


Always think of authority when it comes to Off page SEO , the more authority you have , more chances of higher ranking.

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  1. Competitors Backlinks Analysis

A good SEO expert always keep an eye on backlinks of its competitors who are already ranking higher. The best strategy to give a boost to your traffic in the start of your website . The question is how to analyze competitors backlinks ?

You can use SEO softwares like Ahrefs , SEMrush , Moz to find your competitors backlinks and then you can create those links .

Lets show you how i use Ahrefs to keep an eye on my competitors Backlinks and then create the quality and strong backlinks .


First , Open , In Site Explorer enter the URL of your competitor , in this post i took as an example .

Then , click on Backlinks under Site Explorer 2.0 Tab .

After clicking the backlinks tab , the following window will be open to you .

As i explained earlier about do follow links and no follow links , Follow links are very important factor in SEO of any website .

When this backlinks report generated , Click on Do follow Filter , In backlink type select In Content and in Domain Traffic Select Minimum traffic as 10,000 . This is my own experience and technique to get strong backlinks. Always ensure relevancy of website from which you are getting backlink.

Example of how to use filters to get only quality websites for whitehat link building .

After researching the websites , now its time for action !

Start sending emails to the websites owners / publishers and shoot them nice friendly emails ( emails having too formal content does not make much response ) .

Asking them to link to your content and why your content would bring authority to their website when they link to your content . You can also ask for links exchange although , it is a old tactic and still works .

An example of outreach email is here :


There is always room for improvement , you can use this template , edit it or use your own outreach email but the message should be clear and it must not look spammy !


The above explained methods are most handy and easy to create quality links which would in fact beneficial for your website organic traffic . I quoted just three methods as these are more easier and beneficial than others.

Try to get links from most relevant websites with high traffic . Links should look like natural , they should not be giving a bad Look.

Please Ask Your Questions In Comments . Thanks


Noman Jahangir

Noman Jahangir is the founder and CEO of NJV Marketing. He has over 5 years of SEO and Digital Marketing Experience. He loves to write on SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, and e-commerce.

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