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How to Create Effective Amazon Affiliate Marketing Strategy in 2023

Amazon is world’s biggest ecommerce platform. Its popularity is increasing day by day. Almost 40% of ecommerce industry in the world is dominated by Amazon. With such high statistics , how can you get benefit from amazon and earn handsome amount of money ? . Luckily , Amazon offers its Amazon Affiliate Program also known as Amazon Associates Program. It allows you to earn money by referring customers on Amazon Website. In this article , I will explain you the best methods to become successful in amazon affiliate marketing and start earning good money. Sounds Crazy isn’t it ?

Get Started with Amazon Associate Program

Amazon Affiliate program

To earn money with amazon associate program , you will need a website or social media page / profile having engaging audience . You will need to publish a referral link given you by your amazon affiliate account on your website / Page to start earning money . I will tell you steps to create amazon affiliate program account and how to get started with referral links.

  1. Go to Amazon Associates Program
  2. Click Signup and create your account.
  3. Now , you will need to enter your website URLs and Mobile apps for which you are going to do affiliate marketing. Note : you can enter up to 50 websites and mobile apps for amazon associate program.
  4. In next step , you will need to provide information about your selected websites and apps. What content these mobile apps or websites contain ?
  5. In next step , you will enter information about your marketing strategy to bring sales to Amazon. You need to tell about your website / app monthly traffic as well.
  6. Now , after successfully submitting the above information , you will receive call from Amazon to create 4 Digit Pin for your account and then accept terms and conditions to finish the setup .

How to Create referral links for amazon Affiliate Program

After Successfully , completing the above steps , you have your own amazon associate program account . Now , Its time to create referral links in your content to start promoting amazon products.

  1. After logging in your amazon associate account , go to product linking tool page.
  2. Click Products Links and search for the relevant products you want to promote.
  3. Click the get link button to get your referral link .
  4. Now , Start promoting that link on your website , social media or Mobile App.

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How to Create Best Amazon Affiliate Marketing Strategy for boosted Income ?

To become successful in affiliate marketing , you will need high quality engaging content . Your content should be highly niche relevant . Remember , Affiliate marketing is never the easy business . You should have relevant high quality traffic in order to convert them into customers of amazon.

There are some ways you can promote amazon products on your website such as :

  • Blog Posts
  • Video content
  • Photos with short description

Which Strategy is best for you ? All three are good strategies , you should be using these three strategies altogether to get more revenue. I will Explain these strategies one by one.

Products Review Articles

You should write high quality product review articles . Ensure that your content includes almost all about that particular product. Product features , specifications , Price , warranty etc. When you write detailed review articles , your audience will know you are expert over the products and they will start trusting you. In affiliate marketing , trust is most important thing, When people trusts you , they eventually become your customers. Your ultimate goal is to convert your audience into customers. This is one of most important amazon affiliate marketing strategy. The review article should sound organic and original. If you are just writing to get more clicks on your referral link . Then, sorry it does not gonna work good for you. So, Write engaging content to attract relevant audience. You can include FAQ to your articles to clear common questions in your audience mind. It will help you increase conversions.

Products Comparison Articles

Write high quality product comparison articles , Comparing two or 3 or more products articles will attract the targeted audience looking for products to buy . These are the people who are looking for better product to buy but could not decide the final decision. By Giving them thorough comparison on products , you will be giving them enough information to decide which product to buy. The comparison article should be well researched and should in in depth to include pros and cons and features of all products in comparison.

Best Products List Articles

In order to get more traffic with quality audience . You can also write List of products articles . You can write on topics such as ” 17 top selling Smart watches on Amazon in 2022 ” . These kinds of articles will attract more audience looking for products with queries ”  Top Selling Smart watches ” . You will get high quality relevant audience by using this strategy .

Products Video Reviews

As we are in 2022 , Video Content ranks top in all forms of content . People prefer to watch videos and get information about certain products. By creating high quality video content having in depth review of the product will not only increase traffic on your website but also increases trust of your audience. This strategy will bring ultimately more conversions on your amazon referral link . I strongly recommend this strategy as it brings enormous results for amazon affiliates marketers .

Short introduction of Products

Writing a detailed product review is not a easy task . You need enough time , resources to complete a in depth review article. So , if you do not have enough resources to write detailed review articles. You can write short review about products. You can write brief introduction with Pros and Cons of products. This is not enough effort to bring enough traffic as compare to Long product review articles of Video reviews. Its still better to have something on hand rather than nothing.

Keywords Research

To become successful content marketer , you should have skills on finding lucrative keywords. You should select keywords for your blog having low or medium difficulty . You should keep in mind the search intent before choosing is for your blog. Search intent matters a lot , if you choose a keyword having good volume and low difficulty but have wrong search intent then you might get failed in getting the desirable results.  I recommend you to go for ” Medium tail keywords ” because they do perform a lot better. When you target for medium tail keyword , you will start ranking on many other long tail and short tail keywords.


Ignoring SEO is one of biggest failure reasons of affiliate marketers . You should make your content seo-optimized in order to rank your content high on search engines such as Google , Bing etc. You should do On page SEO of your articles , Technical SEO of your website and last but most important . Get high quality backlinks from high traffic and high authority websites to rank your website high on search engines.

Amazon Affiliate Commission Rate

You can see the commission rates of Specific categories in the table below . For detailed amazon affiliate commission rates Click here 

amazon commission

Conclusion for successful amazon affiliate marketing strategy

To become successful on Amazon Associate program . You should be creating high quality content with strong marketing skills enough to scale your business on Large scale. With right content plan and marketing strategy , you can do best . Amazon affiliate marketing demands dedication , understand you audience and effective marketing.

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