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A Definite Guide to SEO for Dental Practices in 2023

SEO for dental practices

What is SEO for Dentist ?

Dental SEO is a term used for doing seo for doctors practicing the Dentist Profession. It involves SEO Dentist Marketing , Local SEO for dentists . The Ultimate goal of SEO for Dental Practices is to increase clients base , Brand reputation and more revenue with the help of organic traffic.

Benefits of SEO for Dental Practices

As we are familar with SEO , the best practices to increase organic traffic on your website. As its puprose is to increase traffic and by increasing traffic means , the relevant traffic which ultimately gets more conversions. For Dental Professionals , it means more potentional patients looking for them and with Best SEO practices , they can increase their clients base as well as revenue.

Do dentists need SEO ?

Dentists are very close to the people. Teeth caring and its related issues are increasing day by day . With advancement of technology and digital media, people use search engines to find the best dental clinics for the best treatment.

To get most of the clients as patients when they search to find the clinics around them , best Dental care clinic and finding questions around tooth related problems. As a dentist , you would want your website on top. If you are on the top it ultimately means more clients and more business. That,s Why SEO for dental practices is recommended to dentists.


Steps for Dental SEO

1. Keywords Research

The basis of any SEO campaign starts from doing proper and in depth keywords research. For SEO for Dental Practices , the keywords research need to be done in a very professional and with search intent kept in mind.

As SEO for dentists is a very professional and qualified digital marketing niche , it needs to be done by studying the basis of Dental care and its related queries.

Focus on simple yet clear keywords to target , you can start from Google automatic search suggestions in search box . You should also analyze the People also ask in Google , Bing to find questions and keywords to create content around it. 

You can also use Google Keywords Planner and other seo tools like Ahrefs , Semrush for your keywords research. They key is to select right search intent keywords for your Dental Clinic.


2. Problem Solving Content Creation

After careful selection of keywords, its time to implement those keywords in your Services pages as well as in your Blog posts and guides such as diagnosis, symptoms and treatment of certain tooth diseases.

You should write in depth articles which provides complete information about the issues patients are facing regarding their dental problems.

A comprehensive yet problem solving solution would increase your brand reputation as well convert your readers into customers.


3. Creation of video content

Videos have much more engagement then any other medium on the internet. People love to watch videos to learn and find useful information.

For Dentists ultimate success, my recommendation is to create high quality video content . The Video should be very clear and in simple tone and language. The easy way to do this is by creating video on the content of blog post you have created in past or creating at present. Its marketing is also being very organic as people love to share problem solving health related videos. Don,t forgets to do SEO of your videos. 

Videos with proper seo done perform way more better than videos published without seo being done.

You can get help of NJV marketing professionals as well in Medical SEO of your Dental Business.

4. Link Building

Outreach relevant blogs / websites

Create quality links for your website services pages as well as for the blog posts. Outreach the relevant medical information blogs for backlinks for your blogs first. When you write a quality blog , add external links of those high quality sites from which you want backlinks. After publishing the article, contact those websites and ask for a mention by telling them their inclusion in your blog post.

Profile creation

Create your clinic profiles on relevant forums, directories to get backlinks. This strategy would give you referral traffic and new patients as well.

You should create your profiles only on high quality websites having high authority. Don,t get links from spammy and low authority sites.

Local SEO for Dental Clinic

Local SEO for dentists is one of most important , significant and crucial for getting quick success. As Dental clinics are actual physical business and they must have a physical place to operate. Fortunately , Google has a very good local business listing tool. It is known as Google my Business. . Your local listings should be optimized to get better rankings in Local listing pack.

Steps for Local SEO for Dentists

1. Incorporate main keyword in listing title

Your business listing is key in getting local nearby new patients. Your business listing title is the most important resource in getting more good rankings in local search pack.

You should optimzie your dental clinic listing with your best keyword researched. The keyword should be very clear and should have good searches with right intent. e.g ” Dental Clinic ” Its just an example , in real world you will have your own keywords after well research being done.


2. Enter complete details in profile

Fill up your business listing description and use keywords in description as well. Upload images , videos relevant to dental care . Enter complete information regarding your services and about the experience of your dental practice..

3. Get Reviews

It is one of most important aspect in local seo . In order to get higher rankings in local search pack , you should get reviews from your patients . You can create a process of sending the link of your Google / Bing Business profile to the patients who just got your services. Asking them to give their feedback via Email / SMS .


SEO for dentists is equally important as for other business. You should analyze its importance and start doing best SEO practices for your dental clinic. Focusing on Local SEO will give you instant boost in getting new patients in your local area.

Give your feedback, suggestions and do ask your questions in the comments box !


Noman Jahangir

Noman Jahangir is the founder and CEO of NJV Marketing. He has over 5 years of SEO and Digital Marketing Experience. He loves to write on SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, and e-commerce.

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